ESSAY ABOUT茶道【SADOU】:What’s 大寄せ【OH-YOSE(Large gathering)】tea party?

大寄せ【OH-YOSE(Large gathering)】tea party is:

大寄せ【OH-YOSE(Large gathering)】is a tea ceremony that a large number of people who are unspecified or non-reserved gathering; like tea parties for citizens or tea parties accompanied for some events at sightseeing place, department stores and exhibitions.

In many cases the main guest is not decided at Oh-yose tea parties, so people often say
“Please go ahead, you must be a main guest”
“No, no, that’s you” and spend not a short time before the party started.

Well, we Office Goldfish often decide the main guest by rock-paper-scissors at our tea party for beginners😂

The tea party of  広間【HIROMA(Large room)】and 小間【KOMA(Small)】.

Tea ceremony held at large room is called 広間の茶会【HIROMA NO CHAKAI(Tea ceremony at large room)】while which held in small room is called 小間の茶会【KOMA NO CHAKAI(Tea ceremony at small room) 】.


*These image are from
・International Tanabata Tea Party in Northern Culture Museum (2009)
・First pot tea party (2012)

Thank you very much for cooperations to our “Tea ceremony for beginners🍵🔰”✨🙏🙏🙏