How to tailor Haori Hakama Kimono for men: It might be exciting experience to select fabrics of Kimono and other many accessories.

It’s very exciting experience to make your own kimono at traditional Kimono shop called 呉服店【GOFUKU-TEN】.

Let’s see how to tailor your Kimono with 羽織【Haori】coat and 袴【 Hakama】trousers,
most formal style for men. It is worn by broom at wedding party or formal ceremony etc.

羽織【HAORI】 is kind of jacket worn over Kimono.袴【HAKAMA】is kind of wide trousers worn over Kimono. It made 侍【SAMURAI】wearing kimono easy when they ride horses.





1.Select Kimono’s cloth you like from many 反物【TANMONO】kimono fabric rolls and 袴【HAKAMA】trousers.

2.Select 羽織【HAORI】short coat.

3.Select 袴【HAKAMA】wide trousers.

4.Select 八掛【HAKKAKE】under front part of liner

5.Select 帯【OBI】belt.

6.Select 襦袢【JYUBAN】Underwear.

7.Select other accessories; 草履【ZOURI】formal sandals for Kimono, 足袋【TABI】socks for
Kimono, 羽織紐【HAORI-HIMO】accessory for Haori coat etc.


Model:▶︎Mr.Mark Marine from America

We came to 十日町【TOUKA-MACHI】 City in 新潟【NIIGATA】prefecture!

Today, Mr.Mark Marine is going to make his 羽織袴【HAORI-HAKAMA】.
He is teaching music for students in Niigata city’s large vocational school.He will wear it and conduct a orchestra at his graduate ceremony in next March!

Niigata prefecture is one of the largest districts of Kimono fabric producing.

We came to 十日町【TOUKAMACHI】City , most famous Kimono product era as it’s

▶︎Other famous Kimono fabrics made in NIIGATA <十日町紬【TOUKAMACHI-TSUMUGI】/小千谷縮【OZIYA-CHIZIMI】/越後上布【ECHIGO-JYOUFU】/片貝木綿【KATAGAI-MOMEN】/五泉白生地【GOSEN SHIRO KIJI】/その他

Usually Black Haori Hakama is ordinary, but we tried to other colors.

1.At first, select the color of Kimono from many 反物【TANMONO】rolls of cloth.

You can try as many colors as you like until you decide.
Put the cloth on your chest and image the completed form in front of a mirror.
Please enjoy deciding while consulting with clerks.


2. Select Haori coat’s fabric that matches Kimono’s color.
This time, he select beige Haori for gray Kimono.


He is selecting OBI sash which matches Kimono and Haori.


It’s also interesting to select Jyuban under wear.

There are so many variation in Jyuban and they are generally flashy because in Samurai society in Edo period, feudalism system of government banned other subordinate samurais wearing colorful kimonos.
So, they wore fancy, ingenuity creative Jyubans under sober, dark color Kimonos.

There are countless variations of pictures painted on Jyuban wear;

Tigers,dragons,birds,浮世絵【UKIYOE】brock paints in Edo era…




In Edo culture, it is 粋【IKI】or cool to make fashionable to invisible part.

He choose scenery of Mt.Fuji,lake and ships this time and it’s sooo- cool!


Select 八掛【HAKKAKE】part’s cloth.

Hakkake is cloth for lining bottom part or cuff? of sleeves of Kimono and shown when he is moving, slightly. The color must matches to Kimono’s one and it’s also a  fashionable point when you tailor your own Kimono.

半襟【HAN-ERI】literally means “half collar ” sawn around the collar of Jyuban and glance around the neck when you wear Kimono on it is also important of dressing even it is a small part.

White is basic, but you can choose any colors.


Please select other accessories like 羽織紐【HAORI-HIMO】,Strings that ties both sides of Haori coat’s front separate part.


Han-eri, Haori-himo, and Obi’s balance is important of dressing.

OK, they are all done!


Oh,don’t forget to prepare large size 足袋【TABI】separate toe sox and草履【ZORI】formal sandals for Kimono.


▶︎Let’s see completion next…!