What day is it today in Japan? The first day of お彼岸【O-HIGAN】Pure land or nirvana days.

2020.3.17th is the beggining day of お彼岸【O-HIGAN】nirvana week in Japan.

On that week, we visit graves and offer 牡丹餅【BOTA-MOCHI】, rice covered with sweet beans and the name comes from 牡丹【BOTAN】Peony flower, to our ancestors.




We call the same rice cake おはぎ【OHAGI】in Automn because of the 萩【HAGI】flower of that season.

The middle day of the nirvana week is March 20th in 2020 and it is also the equinox day.

It is the day the long of day and night is the same.
And the sun rises from middle east and set to the middle west.

So, it is belived that the day is closest to the pure heavenly land which has been believed existing to be West.

In order to get closer to the land of enlightenment, the three days before and after that, buddism six trainings called 六波羅蜜【ROKUHARAMITSU】will be performed.


Today’s theme is 布施【FUSE】Alms.

・Donate for poor people
・Volunteer without seeking benefit of theirselves ・Pray for all of the people, peace and safe of the world.