Matsuken Samba♪Singing and Dancing 将軍【SHOUGUN】the head of all 侍【SAMURAI】made Japanese people happy in 2004.

MATSU-KEN SAMBA made Japanese people happy in front of TV

“Matsu-ken” is an abbreviation of 松平 健【”MATSU”DAIRA-“KEN”】, one of the most famous veteran actors
in Japan.

His masterpiece is the TV series of 暴れん坊将軍【ABARENBOW-SYOUGUN】; Wild SYOUGUN(1978-2002).
 Syougun 将軍【SYOUGUN】is the supreme authority of the  江戸幕府【EDO-BAKUFU】Edo Shogunate Goverment.
He played the 8th 将軍【SHOUGUN】named 徳川吉宗【TOKUGAWA-YOSHIMUNE】, freedom and passionate Shougun in the drama and he is an idle of middle aged and older women.

A symbol of authority as SHOGUN singing samba and dancing with his waist shake humorously made Japanese people glued to their TV’s and their living rooms had a warm atmosphere.

Many women dancing with Kimono are called 腰元ダンサーズ【KOSHIMOTO-DANCERS】and KOSHIMOTO,
literally means “near a waist ” are maid servants.

And guys are subordinate SAMURAIs.

I suppose that this stage gave Japanese people the feeling to
defeat the heaviness and pressure of fuedal system unconsciously.
by Rainbow Dragon

System of Edo government flourished among the common
people in town, too. BY Colored carp granpa

⇒江戸時代【EDO-JIDAI】Edo period



Recently, 銀魂【GIN-TAMA】Japanese animation which deals frequently with  domestic Japan culture, made this song famous among foreign  anime-fans.



If you want to be a beloved Shougun…⇒




Mr.Mark Marine said
“I found him  in near my town
He was shooting a movie ”